Candi Williams: Great, they can find it. But can they understand it?

Talk summary

Candi Williams

Candi Williams

We talk a lot about findability, usability and utility – rightly so. But how often do we consider understandability? Users can’t complete tasks if they don’t understand them, which is why content design is critical. In this whistle-stop talk, I’ll delve into why comprehension matters, what impacts it and how to test for it.

Date & time: 17th July 2020, 10:15

Duration: 30 minutes

How to watch: All talks on Friday 17th July will be free and streamed on YouTube. The link to the stream will be published here, and on the BUG Meetup page closer to the event.


About Candi

Candi Williams is a Content Design Manager & Strategist. A word nerd. A published author. Psycholinguistics grad. Candi believes in the often-underlooked power of words in design.

Having graduated with a degree in English Language and Linguistics, she’s been obsessing about the impact of psycholinguistics (psychology of language), sociolinguistics (language and society), semantics (language and meaning) and pragmatics (language in context) for over a decade.

Nowadays, you’ll find Candi turning these concepts into real content operations for the world’s biggest building society and managing an awesome team along the way.

When she is not waging the war against unnecessary jargon and inaccessible content, Candi is probably writing a book, desperately trying to meditate more or seeking out more bright coloured garments.