Efi Chatzopoulou: Behaviour Change

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Efi Chatzopoulu

Efi Chatzopoulou

Humans are complicated. They’re logical but won’t always use that logic to make decisions. They might know what’s right but might not always do what’s right… This is why, when it comes to designing for humans, we need to come prepared and bring tools. Lots of tools. Already UX practitioners tend to carry a neat little belt of tools they use to solve problems methodically, discover opportunities and come up with innovative solutions. But what’s often missing is that pesky human element. Knowledge about human behaviour can be design’s best pal but it’s difficult to know where to start from and how to make that first introduction. This is where workshop comes in. Design, meet behaviour. Behaviour, this is design. You’ll get along just fine.

This workshop is going to be about the intersection where psychology meets design, which is a road you definitely can’t avoid going down when designing for behaviour change. Inspired by a well-known psychology model that has helped bring change to thousands of people and applied on different health behaviours, in this workshop you’re going to learn how to:

Date & time: 16th July 2020, 10:00 – 12:00

Duration : 90 minutes


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About Efi

Efi is a UX consultant with a strong behavioural science edge, helping organisations get to the most effective solutions by asking the right questions. She’s always been in awe of human beings and their complexities, which led to her studying psychology 3 times (in different shapes and forms)! She strongly believes that adding behaviour science into product design can really make magic happen, which is why she’s on a mission to help organisations add human centredness to user-centred processes. She’s worked with top agencies in Bristol and supported government, corporate and charitable organisations, including Public Health England, Innovate UK and the V&A museum. When not helping to solve design and behavioural problems for work she listens to psychology audiobooks and tests theories on herself and her family.

Twitter: @missefi_c