Jon Fukuda – ‘Design-Integration’: Creating a Design-Integrated Business to Build Digital Products that Win and 6 Best Practices to Get You There

Talk summary

Jon Fukuda

Jon Fukuda

New research reveals why companies should adopt a human-centered design culture, organizational structure, and metrics that matter. A new way of working with design and business completely integrated leads to a repeatable, standardized, and sustainable way to build digital products that win.

This presentation is based on findings from recent research on design integration, which will be made publicly available for the first time in June. The research began with this premise: that Design & UX needs to move out from behind the scenes (and living on an island within companies) and align itself with the core business. With that in mind, the study had two parallel goals:

Our presentation will be in three main sections:

  1. Snapshot of the key findings, a look at the solid business case for design integration and for human-centered design, examples of companies that already do design integration right, and what exactly was the research gap that we set out to fill
  2. Six best practices that jump out of the research – and how to start acting on them
  3. Barriers to design integration, key conclusions, and the top three things we urge companies to push on in the next 100 days

And of course, we’ll have time at the end for questions – and we’ll be more than happy to continue the conversations with attendees after the online event.

Attendees will take away 6 best practices that they can start acting on right away, and they’ll learn how to:


Date & time: 17th July 2020, 11:45

Duration: 30 minutes

How to watch: All talks on Friday 17th July will be free and streamed on YouTube. The link to the stream will be published here, and on the BUG Meetup page closer to the event.


About Jon

Jon is a User Experience Specialist with a focus on UX Strategy, Design Thinking, and UI Design with experience leading human-centered design requirements, strategy, interaction design, testing, and evaluation. Most recently, Jon is involved in ResearchOps/DesignOps facilitation and systems design for scalable/sustainable human-centered design.

Twitter: @jkooda
LinkedIn: jonfukuda

The 2020 Design-Integration Report can be downloaded at