Chui Chui Tan – Offering a better, localised experience for your global customers

Talk summary

Chui Chui Tan

Chui Chui Tan

This talk is about the steps you can take to make sure you can offer the best, localised experience to your customers in different markets. It covers why it is important to have a clear holistic understanding of your global audiences and their context. Practical tips will be provided to guide you through this process not only to inform your design, but also your marketing or other business strategies.

About Chui Chui

Chui Chui Tan, is a culturalisation strategist and customer experience (CX/UX) consultant. She helps companies create products and services which provide the experience their global customers need, desire and expect.

With a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction, Chui Chui takes a holistic approach to fully understanding customers/uses with different cultural background to help businesses define their (product, marketing, design, business, new market launch) strategies and grow their international reach and markets.

Her clients include such as Spotify, Netflix, Asana, Babylon Health, Marriott, Arrival, Clarks and startups preparing for their launch and advising their global strategy. Chui Chui is the author of International User Research (, frequently speaks and runs online/offline workshops on Culturalisation and International UX. She’s also the creator of Global Design Guides (