Flow Bohl – How to present design work to non-designers

Talk summary

Flow Bohl

Flow Bohl

A good presentation could get your design approved, or quickly dismissed if you don’t present it right.

In this talk, Flow will outline six useful steps to successfully present design work to non-designers. A good start is to know who you are presenting to. Then, to outline why you’ve done the work by reframing the brief as a task with a context and goal. Before you show your work, build up to the big reveal of your work by outlining how the work started: either through a research summary or, if not, relevant past work.

When showing the design, never state the obvious but tell a story.

Then, let the work sink in first, by asking your audience to wait until you’ve finished stating the design’s intent. It’s only at this point, you seek to gather feedback. In this way, you’ve framed the conversation that follows so it is about whether or not the design will achieve the stated intent. This will be more helpful feedback rather than gut reactions such as “I don’t like it”.

About Flow

Flow Bohl is a product manager at Bloomberg.

Previously Flow worked for 15 years as UX designer before transitioning into product management. The bulk of his career he spent in advertising and design agencies, where he learned the art of user research.