Kat Husbands – Imposter syndrome in User Centred Design

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Kat Husbands

Kat Husbands

Do you ever feel like a fraud? Like your success is down to luck or artifice? Do you find yourself deflecting praise and dodging compliments? If not, you almost certainly work with someone who does. That’s imposter syndrome: an insidious, inner critic. At best it sucks the joy out of a job well done, and at worst it can cripple your career. Kat surveyed 100 user centred designers about their experiences of imposter syndrome and is here to share what she learned about where it comes from, who it affects the most, and of course how to beat it.

About Kat

Kat is a user researcher with a background in content design and information architecture. She was the University of Glasgow’s first official UXer, and is now on the Scottish Government’s in-house design team. She also co-hosts the monthly UX Glasgow meet-up, where the idea for this talk first emerged.

Twitter: @KatHusbands