Alicia Grimes

Alicia Grimes

Workshop: Purpose-led design: How purpose can help us navigate uncertainty

In a world of uncertainty, we need to find a new way to design products, services and experiences; one that enables environments where designers can thrive. In the past, we would embark on innovation projects with a vision in mind, but in this rollercoaster world that we live in, having a clear vision is becoming more and more challenging. At the beginning of projects we may not always know where we are going, or what the end result might be, but we should always know why we are doing something, what we are trying to do together and how it aligns with our own values so that we can deliver real impact. This is where purpose comes in.

In this interactive workshop, Alicia Grimes, co-founder of the purpose-led culture consultancy, The Future Kind Collective, will guide you through her insight and experience of how you can discover projects that align with your values, how we can define more purposeful projects and ultimately design experiences that inspire change.


About Alicia

With a passion for expanding the potential of people and organisations, Alicia Grimes co-founded The Future Kind Collective. Flipping the dynamic of traditional consulting, Alicia uses her skills and experience as a Service Designer to inspire and empower people to create futures that will leave the world a better place than we find it.

Throughout her career, Alicia has worked closely with business founders and has been instrumental in the successful launch and scaling of services, products and companies.She has led the development of international government programmes that embed human-centred capabilities in organisations, helping them to grow their impact through better understanding people and establishing purpose-driven cultures.