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Amy McGuinness & Claire Barrett

Workshop: Designing for distraction

We live in an always ON world, where products, services and experiences are constantly shouting for our attention.
In fact many of them have been designed purposefully to distract us. Competing for our time and money.

Whilst everyone gets distracted in their daily lives, for some people, staying focused on a task is really difficult.

Sometimes, having a hard time focusing can be caused by an underlying neurological condition like ADHD. ADHD affects various control centers in the brain. This impacts people’s ability to focus, complete tasks, make decisions and prioritise.

In this session Amy and Claire will explore why designing for Neurodiversity like ADHD actually improves experiences for everyone.

During this hands on workshop Claire and Amy will share a set of principles based on best practices as well as their own lived experience.

They’ll share real life examples of where things can go wrong.

You’ll then have a go at putting the principles into action to redesign some scenarios in teams.


About Amy

Amy is Service Design Lead at women’s health innovator Elvie.

Having spent over 12 years consulting and leading projects across a broad range of sectors including public services, consumer, finance and travel she has found the common thread she keeps coming back to is health and wellbeing.

Amy spent her early days working as a sexual health advisor to young people at risk of homelessness. Since then she has focussed on creating fair and accessible services that improve outcomes for the people who use them.

Amy co-founded Ladies that UX Bristol in 2014, a safe space for Women and other historically excluded genders to share and learn about all things UX.

Outside of UX Amy is navigating life as a Mum to two small people whilst trying to learn important new life skills like roller skating.


About Claire

Claire Barrett is a Senior UX consultant at cxpartners. She has worked in digital design and UX for over ten years across digital publishing, web and branding design and most recently app design before moving into the world of consulting at cxpartners.

Claire’s main focus is inclusivity in both UX practices and in workplaces and teams. She recently formed a cross-sector inclusivity group at cxpartners to help forward their practice and share knowledge and expertise.

In 2019 Claire spent 6 months working on a project to improve mental health services in the workplace as part of peer led initiative huddlecraft. She is a mental health first aider and has a wealth of knowledge on mental health and wellbeing collected from her own education and as well as her lived experience.