Andy Ingle

Andy Ingle

Workshop: Improve your communications (and build better relationships!) with stakeholders, colleagues and clients

Ever get frustrated because someone takes a long time to make a decision? What about people that don’t seem interested in talking to you? Does this make you reluctant to talk to people or perhaps feel like you’re failing with them?

You’ve always been told “treat others the way you want to be treated” but that’s not true. You need to “treat others the way THEY want to be treated”.

In this highly interactive workshop, you’ll learn the characteristics of the 4 different styles of communication. You’ll complete an interactive quiz to identify your own style, and you’ll learn the characteristics of the other styles so you’re able to identify the comms styles of your stakeholders, colleagues and/or clients.

You’ll learn (and practice!) how to adjust your comms style so that you can start to communicate with others in the way they would like to be communicated with. This will improve how you work with others and remove tensions.

Finally, you’ll learn about how the characteristics of your style might aggravate others. You’ll learn how to temper some of these behaviours leading to vastly improved self-awareness and relationships.

About Andy

A long-term UXer now focussed on improving how UX teams work.

Like you, my background is in UX – I’ve run UX teams at Webcredible, Inviqa and Nomensa and worked on many award winning projects with household names. Previously I’ve spoken at UX Crunch, UX Live and The DesignOps Conference amongst many others.

I’m now a partner and Leadership Coach at Team Sterka – on a mission to improve how UX, tech and product teams work. I teach a ‘People skills programme’ and coach leaders from both digital and agency teams.

I don’t really like One Direction (sorry!) but I do love music. You’re more likely to find me lurking at the back of an obscure psyche band’s gig than jumping around at a stadium show!