Carl Collins

Carl Collins

Workshop:  Maps & perspective

Let’s draw some maps together. This session explores the possibility space that exists between current norms in maps of places (gps maps), maps of information spaces (pages, blocks), and the exemplary work of A. Wainwright, and Kevin Lynch.

When we think of a map, these days we are probably thinking of Google Maps, or whatever our preferred GPS provider gives us, but this map as seen from the sky is not the only way to look at things. At the same time, the structure of Wikipedia, or your corporate knowledge space share a similar page structure. This workshop is all about exploring concepts in perspective and map making – we’ll look at examples in geographic maps both more detailed and more abstract than what we are used to and try to apply them back to digital spaces. This movement is not about arriving at an answer, but more of a dérive, a passage through varied ambiances.

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