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Cory Hughes

Cory Hughes

Workshop: Hard to reach? Reimagining design through radical inclusion.

Crises like COVID-19 should propel us to design more just and equitable products, services, and experiences. But as the ‘insiders’ how can we, as a community of UX practitioners, start advocating for this world? This workshop is a call to action, exploring radical inclusion to help you reimagine what it means to lead with empathy as a designer. We’ll also look at the why, where and how of bringing lived experience work into user-centered design, adding practical value at all stages of the process.

About Cory

Cory is an award-winning strategist, design leader and educator. As Strategic Design Director at Perago and Board Chair at Mental Health Swims, her work pivots around technology, culture change and solving meaningful problems to improve lives. Cory brings global product, service and innovation experience from her time in creative digital agencies, co-producing solutions with clients across the public, private and third sector.

Outside of work you’ll find her exploring the watery parts of our world; surfing, swimming or sea kayaking in Gower, Wales come hail, rain or shine.