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Katia Serralheiro

Katia Serralheiro

Workshop: Habits of highly effective UX teams

How can we free up a UX team to do their most valuable work? What tools and processes should be in place to improve their productivity? In this workshop you will learn to set up systems to support your work and enforce consistency. You will discover that you can streamline several parts of the work, while dedicating your full attention to the critical and most fruitful ones. If you’re tired of “reinventing the wheel” and doing minor UX work, this is a workshop for you.

About Katia

Katia is a UX professional with 12 years experience. She has worked for companies in 3 different continents, 7 countries and countless industry sectors. With a background in Design and Masters in HCI from Carnegie Mellon University, Kátia has become a UX director at age of 30, started a business, Serial Hero, and continues on to help clients set up their UX teams, while providing UX secrets and time-savers for professionals alike.