Noah Abott & Ant Johnson

Noah Abbott & Ant Johnson

Workshop: Digital ethics

Did you know that, according to a recent study, a brand’s ethical commitment is the second most important reason customers claim to keep coming back?

Investing in digital ethics is proven to help you provide better experiences for your customers while increasing conversion and retention rates, remaining legally compliant, motivating your team, and even helping you sleep better at night.

At Usertopia we specialise in digital product design for non-profits, government agencies, and tech-for-good organisations. Despite the fact that we are primarily focused on design, we are beginning to compile the lessons we have learned along our journey to assist other organisations and designers in adopting a similar strategy. We believe that by sharing this information, we can help others to join us in designing a better planet and digital world while maintaining a positive return on investment.

You can expect to learn the following during our 1-hour abridged version of our crash course in digital ethics:

  • A brief history of ethics
  • An overview of what digital ethics is and why it is important
  • Practical advice on how to digital ethics it in your workplace and personal lives

We can’t wait to see you there!

About Noah

Noah is the CEO and Founder of Usertopia, a design agency that prioritises ethics, inclusivity and sustainability. He’s led hundreds of workshops, research phases and design sprints for many of the world’s greatest “For Good” organisations; including Global Forest Watch, Red Cross, and World Resources Institute. Noah’s main passion is supporting organisations in developing new strategies for social change. When he’s not at work, Noah can usually be found in the studio, running the 100m straight, or lost in a forest at the top of a mountain.

About Ant

Ant is the Managing Director of Usertopia, a design agency that prioritises ethics, inclusivity and sustainability. Having worked with multiple start-ups all around the globe, Ant is well acquainted with the challenges they may face. His main passion is supporting start-ups and organisations in achieving success by striving for positive social change and championing their values. After hours you’ll likely find Ant up a hill with his mountainboard or reclining with a nice G&T.