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Workshop facilitators


Intersectionality in inclusive design, a more holistic approach to accessibility

We need to talk about tone of voice

Orientation skills for designers

Creating an accountability framework for inclusive design

How to evaluate and measure a service

The ‘Memeification’ of Research

Designing Emotions into conversation AI to improve user experience

How can design researchers drive AI innovation in product design?

How storyboarding can bring your research to life

Design process hacks

Story techniques for compelling research insights

Short talks


Henry Bacon

Henry Bacon: Five reasons why private betas are awesome

Pete Yeomans

Pete Yeomans: The OODA loop

Ellie Katona

Ellie Katona: Things I learned after pivoting to UX from a career in graphic design

Matilda Okuyiga

Matilda Okuyiga: Reflections on UXBristol 2023