Eszter Hegymegi

Eszter Hegymegi

Workshop: Research walls

Gain practical skills in capturing, organizing, and analysing user research data beyond the most used research methods to create a holistic understanding of your users. Explore the potential of ‘research walls’, a framework that helps to synthesize qualitative and quantitative data, supports uncovering patterns, and fosters cross-team collaboration. Embrace a holistic research approach to translate insights into meaningful decisions, fostering better user experiences and cultivating organizational UX maturity.


About Eszter

Eszter is a UX and service designer dedicated to the art of research. With a service design background and a passion for uncovering insights, Eszter is pursuing a PhD in service design while working in the industry. Her diverse work experience across countries and cultures has shaped her holistic approach to design. With a focus on user-centred solutions and a deep commitment to research, Eszter bridges the worlds of academia and industry, bringing valuable perspectives to her projects.