Florence Okoye

Florence Okoye

Workshop: Creating an accountability framework for inclusive design

The goal of this workshop is to explore ways of embedding ethical design practice. With a wide array of platforms and connected services, varying user needs and business priorities, being solution focussed yet sustainable, lean yet secure and people focussed is an ongoing challenge.

Agency, or in-house, graphic designer to solution architect, this workshop is ideal for those interested in how we can navigate innovation, business requirements and user needs to create accountable and holistic services of value. The workshop will be set up as a forum where we will go through several exercises to:

  • co-generate use cases based on shared experiences in our design practice
  • dig into core blockers faced when creating a holistic user experience
  • model an ethics centred method with realistic work contexts in mind

By the end of the session, we will have a prototype framework for ways of working to be tested and validated by participants in their practice and fed back to the facilitators (and anyone else interested).


About Florence

Florence Okoye is a UX Designer at the Natural History Museum, interested in all things related to complex systems, modelling, aligning quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and community centred design. With a design ethos rooted in service design and critical speculative design methodology, she is particularly interested in challenges focussed on empowering communities to gain the skills and access needed for creating and maintaining the futures they need, from citizen science to smart cities.