Kate Tarling

Kate Tarling

Workshop: How to evaluate and measure a service

In this hands-on workshop, I’ll teach a way to evaluate and measure a service that addresses user needs, real life experience and business goals, as well as other important aspects such as policy aims.  We’ll look at how to define successful ‘outcomes’ – in words or numbers – to help different teams including design, operations, strategy and technology to work together. At a practical enough level to give direction to decision making – and to put it into practice fast. Alongside the chance to try things out in person, we’ll make it an interactive conversation so that we can learn from each other.


About Kate

Kate works with large organisations to develop the conditions and practices for everyone to deliver better services by default. She does this through consulting and training, and regularly advises boards, executives and teams as founder of a services company. She previously held senior service leadership roles in government as well as the private sector, including design, operations and strategy. Kate is the author of the best-selling book The Service Organization and has spoken on service organisations as guest lecturer at Harvard University, UCL, the University of Toronto, as well as Google, the Estonian Government, and the British Institute for Government.