Kevin Spellman

Kevin Spellman:

Workshop: How can design researchers drive AI innovation in product design?

Let’s explore what we mean by AI and how our research informs and drives its success. As professional researchers we rarely, if ever, can discuss and apply new research methods without risk of commercial impact. To address this, the workshop is about creating a safe space for researchers to reflect about the methods we are currently using. We will work in groups on case studies and experiment with applying a general framework of data gathering whether it is quantitative, qualitative and product-based methods to illustrate connections to AI.


About Kevin

Kevin is an Associate Director and Lead Design Research for Deloitte as a qualitative and quantitative researcher. A Doctor of Design from Goldsmiths,  RSA fellow, MRS certified member/mentor, with over 15 years agency across various industries, agency and client side. He specialises in ideation and design research to deliver digital and non-digital products and services from concept/problem space into a live product for iteration, learning and improvement. I am also very interested in design complexity, digital transformations, digital inclusion/accessibility, university placements and mentoring professional researchers.


Workshop slides

How can design researchers drive AI innovation in product design? (PDF)