Pete Yeomans and Oliver Quinlan

Pete Yeomans & Oliver Quinlan

Workshop: The ‘Memeification’ of Research

Research has a curation problem: How might we curate our research into a “repository” to meet the decision-making needs of the businesses we support.

It’s too easy to imagine that a tool can be the silver bullet to solve the curation needs of a business. The best examples of well curated businesses often use research repositories, but a poorly curated business with the best research repository tools will simply have a tool they won’t use. I’ll talk about teaching and learning theory (pedagogy), knowledge transmission, what underpins the creation of memorable research artefacts, and revisit why User Research is a team sport.

Participants will need their laptop.


About Pete

Pete is a Teacher and Knowledge Mediator, beginning life as a primary teacher, then university academic and who happens to have been fortunate enough to fall into the work of UX and now co-leads Design Research for the global Trust Pillar at Wise (Transferwise).  Pete is autistic and ADHD has been disrupting those around him since 1970.


About Oliver

Oliver is a Senior User Researcher at Government Digital Service, the UK Government’s central team to make digital government simpler, clearer and faster for everyone. He’s always tried to work in spaces where developing new thinking and ideas can lead to practical change. Often this has involved digital technologies.

Oliver has been a teacher, academic, programme manager, user researcher and built and led several research teams, and is now working at Government Digital Service in the UK on involving users in the development of digital tools and services.